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Thursday, 14 July 2011

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The brain is the physical form of your mind. He's like a sleeping giant - huge, colossal and are extremely impressive. This potential is often abandoned in yourself, not active and not moving, waiting to be used. When in fact you can acquire and develop skills, talents, strengths and abilities beyond what you expect at this time. Only recently have scientific research in the field of physics, biochemistry and psychology has focused on the mysterious depths of the mind's ability - in the process of deeper understanding about the human brain, the mind in the form of 'physical'. Studies in this field began to uncover the fact that the latent potential of the human brain is much greater than ever imagined. Exciting discovery shows the ins and outs of 'frontier' of the brain - mental functions are distinct and unique characteristics between left and right brain. Your brain acts like a super computer, he has the ability and capacity of visual, audio, mathematical, analytical and a! wonderful psychic, and is supported by millions of brain cells that react with each other in a way hitherto unknown to scientists. What is known is the absence of limits and creative brain.
A person can be creative and imaginative or a deductive, analytical and instinctive as he wishes.
The brain does not limit himself, he works according to your wishes and act according to your orders. The brain is the hardware used by your mind to shape attitudes, feelings, perceptions, expectations and outcomes you want and desire. He is a faithful servant and very obedient. Understand it all, then you will begin to liberate themselves from the constraints that hinder the achievement of self and abilities. Explore the boundaries of your mind and start to learn the facts about your brain. This will give you the confidence and the confidence to go further in search of self. Then you begin to realize that the brilliance and success can be achieved by each individual.
So far, very little is known about the brain and how they work. People are often labeled as stupid or clever, artistic or clever arithmetic, intellect or not ... when assessing mental abilities.
Formal school teaches a number of things, but educators only give cursory attention to the brain and its functions.
Very few schools in the world that teach students about how the brain to absorb information, store information and release information. Students are not learning anything (very little) about the connecting brain cells and tissues. They are rarely taught about the workings of memory, how the eye moves in time to absorb information, how learning occurs, how the image can be created in the head, where it comes from imagination, how creativity is fostered. The children never know exactly which parts of the brain they are using and more importantly, how they can use the brain better. This is due to very little we know about the brain.
Only recently just this (current generation), we realize how the problems associated with things that seem to be caused by inadequate mental abilities, was very little to do with the underlying brain capacity. We also realize that all this time we do not care about the great potential of the brain and this amazing.
Perhaps the most stunning of the brain research laboratory experts is a fact, that the average person uses less than one percent of his brain! ; So incredible potential that remains untapped is inside each of us.

Actually, we do not have one brain, but two, ie left brain and right brain.
Both of these brain structures are biologically identical and cooperate in harmony.
Each brain consists of millions of cells that resemble baby bergurita complete with long arms, reaching out and connecting with other cells.
These two very different brain functions and regulate different body parts as well.
The left brain controls the right body and right brain controls the left side of the body.

Injuries to the left hemisphere can cause paralysis on the right side of the body and vice versa.

Indeed in our brains, there are ten to fifteen billion brain cells and in ten or fifteen billion brain cells are no longer in it and thousands of tentacles in every tentacle itself there are thousands of bumps (similar to the suction pads) which of the relationships formed by the reaction electrochemical gently between bumps is what shows a person's level of intellect or ability.
Intensive research at the University of California who studies about left brain and right brain have revealed that each of the brain control different intellectual activity, from the truly creative and imaginative to the most logical and quantitative. Where can finally get the conclusion that those who solely use one side of the brain alone often have difficulty in using the other side of the brain. As a result the people who think with a single dimension and highly subjective

Some functions of the left brain is dealing with numbers, composition, logic, organization and anything else that requires a rational, reasoned with the deductive and analytical considerations. The left brain is accustomed to things that are mathematically and scientifically, he focused on the line and the formula, otherwise ignore the subtleties of color and rhythm.
As for some of the functions of right brain is taking care of different dimensions such as dream, imagination, color, music, rhythm and other thought processes that require creativity, imagination is alive, originality, creativity and artistic talent. Right brain thinking is not so tense, less bound by the parameters of scientific and mathematical, he's more focused on appearance and shape, color and tenderness, otherwise ignore the size and dimensions.
Scientific disclosures about the structure and function of the human brain is important for anyone who requires a belief about the natural ability of the brain. Actually both scientific ability and artistic ability is not separated from one another. Conversely, every person must in itself have the potential to develop his abilities in both these categories of thought processes.
You could be scientific or artistic, but better yet if you are both. You only need to develop brain power and properly. More important is the fact that now you can be assured when basically no human being called a fool.
Every person has the ability within himself to be a genius and intelligent.
Their raw materials is the ability, capacity and potential exists within each person. He had to be developed, because this potential must be realized and maintained for outstanding achievements. It is fact, not opinion. And whoever does not have to believe if someone calls you stupid, ignorant or stubborn
Understanding the Brain Capabilities | ZoftPc
By: Heni Ocfriana Sibarani
Nama Penulis*:Heni Ocfriana
Website Penulis:http://facebook.com/heny.sibarani

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